Cape Cod Bitcoin ATM: New Location in Hyannis, MA

Cape Cod Bitcoin ATM

CoinMover BATMThreeXL+ at Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Cape Cod just got its first crypto ATM!

CoinMover deployed a digital currency automated teller machine (“Bitcoin ATM”) at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

As the first machine of its kind on Cape Cod, residents can now buy Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Etherum (ETH), Monero, DASH, DOGE. Customers may also use this machine to sell cryptocurrency and receive cash. Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) are the two digital currencies that support selling. At the time of this writing, the next closest crypto ATMs are more than 50 miles away in Brockton, MA or Providence, RI.

The Cape Cod kiosk is a two way Bitcoin ATM, available for both selling and buying Bitcoin and other choice cryptocurrencies. The machine is located adjacent to the food court and carousel, with easy access through the Best Buy/Marshalls or Barnes & Noble entrances.

Crypto ATM Usage

“Making cryptocurrency more accessible is the primary mission of CoinMover” commented Jim Murray, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “There are over 4,850 of these machines in the world and almost 3,000 in the USA, with an average of six new machines activated each day.”

Cape Cod Bitcoin ATM - CoinMover Mall Map Location of the CoinMover ATM at the Cape Cod Mall

Many of these crypto kiosks, commonly known as Bitcoin ATMs, are used to send remittances overseas to friends and family. They’re faster and less expensive than traditional channels like Western Union or MoneyGram. In addition, the market decline in 2018 has not stopped innovation and development in this area. Therefore, it will continue at a rapid pace for the foreseeable future. At the time of this release, the price of Bitcoin was $8,770 USD, although you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with cash for fractions of a whole unit.  For example, $300 will net you 0.0342075 BTC in your mobile wallet.

About CoinMover:

As one of the newest entrants into the cryptocurrency ATM market, CoinMover offers customers the ability to purchase and sell cryptocurrency with cash. Headquartered in Lynn, Massachusetts and founded in early 2018, CoinMover’s business goal is to provide its customers a simplified and safe experience while buying and selling digital currencies. CoinMover operates as a U.S. Department of Treasury FinCEN Registered MSB #31000136090594.