Transacting Together

At CoinMover, we are building the foundation of a new digital monetary system that promotes economic freedom for everyone. Our mission seeks to democratize finance across the world while providing an inclusive workplace where people from every background can thrive just by being themselves. We believe that by “Transacting Together,” we can lead everyone forward into the next generation of finance.

We are passionate about:

  1. Creating an environment that gives a voice to everyone, regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, or perspective.
  2. Breaking down the conventional finance model by lifting everyone into a new, more fair and equitable financial platform. One that is not bound by the rules of traditional finance.
  3. Giving back to the communities we serve to build a stronger foundation for the future.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team, much like our customers, is ubiquitous. We are comprised of corporate-seasoned leadership, Bitcoin and blockchain technology experts, pioneering entrepreneurial investors, and industry-building veterans, all with a vast wealth of experience. This passionate, inspired, and capable team has created a company that is changing the cryptocurrency revolution into a mainstream product for everyone across the globe.

James Murray


With almost three decades of experience in Healthcare Technology, Jim’s pioneering and innovative strategies built the nation’s first multi-hospital digital imaging technology program across a Harvard medical school enterprise. Jim brings his experience growing cutting-edge technology to the table, which has allowed CoinMover to expand into several new regional markets. From navigating federal and state regulations to building vital relationships, Jim will lead CoinMover into the next chapter of the digital currency revolution.

Michael Scanlan

CO-FOUNDER, Chief technology officer

As an early adopter of cryptocurrency, Mike brought CoinMover from vision to market. He started CoinMover in late-2017, drawing from over 20 years of experience in finance and healthcare information technology and security. Mike believes that just as the internet has consumed all the information in the world, digital currency networks will consume and change the way value is exchanged by people over the coming decade.

Steve Gormley

Chief Corporate Development Officer

Steve Gormley, author of Investing in Cannabis for Dummies, is a renowned expert in the legal marijuana sector, with nearly 30 years’ experience developing, branding, marketing, launching, managing, and operating businesses in the U.S. and international markets. He is widely considered a pioneer in the cannabis industry, with nearly a decade of professional experience in the sector. His analysis is featured prominently in outlets including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, U.S. News and World Report, Chicago Tribune, and MarketWatch, and he is a regular fixture on the speaking circuit.

Lisa Legault

CHIEF compliance officer

Lisa was CoinMover’s first employee. As Chief Compliance Officer, Lisa is responsible for CoinMover’s compliance program, policies, and procedures as defined by the U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and all other associated pertinent federal legislation, acts, and regulations. She is a CipherTrace Certified Examiner in cryptocurrency tracing and criminal activity risk assessment.

Mark Scott


Mark was appointed Chief Financial Officer in January, 2021. He has 46 years of significant financial, capital market, and relations experience in public and private micro-cap companies. Mark is a certified public accountant and received a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of Washington.

Andres Bolivar


Andrés has over 15 years in program and project management, service delivery, customer lifecycle management, and professional services. He has worked with all kinds of customers in fast-paced, dynamic environments at companies like Dell and Apple. At CoinMover, he leads our customer-centric Support, Logistics, and Business Intelligence teams.

Kenneth Ingber

Legal Counsel

Ken is acting legal counsel for CoinMover. He advises and informs the company as it navigates and defines matters concerning digital currency and compliance. For over 25 years, he has represented numerous companies mediating complex commercial and securities disputes, through all phases of litigation. His extensive experience will be vital to proactively protecting the company and its customers.

John McCrary

Vice president, Integration communication

John is CoinMover’s first Seattle-based employee and established the company’s presence in the Pacific Northwest. A certified editor with a background in research and reporting for the energy sector, as Vice President of Integration and Communication he oversees all aspects of CoinMover’s voice, internally and externally. Utilizing his extensive experience in hospitality, he is charged with overseeing the CoinMover Enhanced and VIP Customer Support Program.

Grif Murray

Director, Creative Design

Grif has 16 years of creative design and marketing experience. He has directed creative projects and advertising campaigns in the entertainment industry and e-commerce worlds for companies such as Clear Channel Radio, Bodybuilding.com, and others. He brings his broad experience to CoinMover as Director of Creative Design, overseeing all marketing materials, graphics, public relations, and advertising.



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