Host a CoinMover ATM

Place one of our machines in your business today. There are numerous established benefits that can come from hosting a CoinMover ATM.

Why host a machine?

  • Hosting is simple. You allow us to put an CoinMover ATM at your location and we take care of the rest.
  • We perform the installation, routine maintenance, periodic cash filling, marketing, and take care of all legal and compliance issues.
  • You sit back and receive a monthly payment for the transactions that take place at that ATM.  Your payment can be based on a flat fee or % of monthly transaction volume, which is negotiated based on the location and projected volume.
  • Hosting our machine increases the on-line presence of your business. There are a variety of websites that list digital currency ATM locations and many cryptocurrency users actively looking for them.
  • You'll get additional foot traffic and incidental sales for your retail establishment. We drive new and existing customers to your location as our CoinMover marketing campaign brings local digital currency users to you.
  • These machines are rare. Often customers will drive across an entire metro area to your location because these machines are the only places to trade digital currency in person.
  • According to, 48% of crypto ATM customers return on a weekly basis. 

Ready to get started?

NOTE: With the exception of a power outlet, none of the items above are required nor are they considered disqualifying if not present at your site. These questions just help us to customize the contract and work with you to make sure all areas are covered.