Coinmover 4 Tier Graphic

Tier Limit Policy

CoinMover policy prohibits and actively prevents any activity that facilitates money laundering, terrorist funding or criminal actions per federal and state laws and guidelines.
CoinMover achieves this by employing a tier-based system to balance the need for digital currency transactions efficiently and securely via its ATM kiosks while also complying with all state and federal mandates.
Every customer is eligible to be placed in an appropriate Tier based upon (1) their desired transaction amount(s), (2) required information provided, and (3) any documentation necessary.


•  Every transaction is reviewed by out compliance team. If the customer and ID pictures do not match, the account and potentially Blacklisted to prohibit further CoinMover ATM kiosk use.
•  Account phone numbers that do not clearly match the provided identity may be subject to additional scrutiny before a Registration Request (Tier 2-4) is processed.
•  We reserved the right to:
- Block any phone number at any time, as well as throttle the amount and quantity of sales each machine can perform on  an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
- Close an account at any time, for any reason, where the CoinMover compliance department has determined the account  transaction history does not adhere to our compliance standards and policies, nor align with our business goals.