In the spirit of transparency, CoinMover must inform you that any information you submit is subject to possible inspection by state and U.S. Federal government regulators at any time.

There are certain policies and procedures CoinMover has implemented to strike a balance in the digital currency space for use of it’s services. These are meant to preserve your privacy rights (a) according to various laws (local, state, federal, and country specific) and (b) because they align with our core values as a company and our business ethics, and (c) they promote greater adoption and use of digital currency.

The purpose of this document is to communicate CoinMover’s privacy policy to you in a straightforward and clear manner. By performing a CoinMover kiosk transaction (or online), you agree to these CoinMover terms and conditions and this privacy policy.

Simply put:

CoinMover deals with currency and is regulated by the U.S. Federal government. It means they can request any information about you at any time and it must be provided. However, CoinMover secures your information from any other source, and does not provide it for any reason. 


We cannot trace personal identifying information used for transactions to and/or from a wallet address on the blockchain based solely on use of a CoinMover ATM Kiosk.

CoinMover can only confirm receipt of digital currency from one wallet to our company wallet and confirm payment to our company wallet from another wallet.

CoinMover cannot know for certain the ownership of a non-CoinMover wallet address.

As per your right, CoinMover provides you receive a receipt for each individual transaction. This is the full extent of the individualized transaction history that CoinMover can generate or retain regarding your use of the kiosk

CoinMover’s buy/sell kiosks do not require you to have your own wallet to purchase digital currency.  These two-way kiosks have the ability to product a paper wallet that will contain the funds you purchased.  This wallet contains both a public key and a private key. 

The paper wallet private key is generated randomly and is NOT tracked, stored, or otherwise known to CoinMover.  Anyone with access to your private key can spend the funds in your paper wallet.

You are responsible for protecting the your paper wallet private key the moment it is printed by the kiosk. If your paper wallet is lost or destroyed, CoinMover cannot recover your key or funds.

Simply put:

CoinMover is only aware of it’s company wallet(s) and it’s specific transaction information. CoinMover can NOT truly know the source of external funds in a wallet address that isn’t a CoinMover wallet. 

Paper wallets are available from some kiosks. Be extremely careful not to lose it. CoinMover can NOT recover your funds since we don’t track or store keys created by the kiosk. 


CoinMover does not sell your information or disclose it to anyone except as required by, and as defined at the beginning of this policy.

CoinMover uses your e-mail to send informational updates and promotions. It is not sold or given it away to anyone else. If you click “unsubscribe” on our e-mail, you will be removed permanently and immediately removed from CoinMover’s email distribution list.

CoinMover is required by the United States Federal Government to collect certain information from you in order to transact certain higher amounts.

You may voluntarily provide CoinMover with identification that can make you a registered user with higher standard transaction limits. This includes, but is not limited to your name, address, phone, birth date, email, passport and/or copy of your state ID, e.g., driver’s license.

Once your registration is approved, conducting business with CoinMover is no different than having a traditional bank account. If asked, we can group your transactions to your identity and provide your transaction history to federal regulators and/or law enforcement if – in the rare case – they ask us to provide it to them as required by law.

Simply put:

CoinMover does not give your information away to anyone except the government as required by law and you can opt-out of our emails at any time. 

In order to buy or sell over certain amounts, you have to give CoinMover information about you. This is the same as opening an account at a normal bank so your expectation of privacy should be the same as if you were using your own bank. 


CoinMover is considered by the United States Federal Government as a Money Service Business (‘MSB’) and as such is required to adhere to strict compliance and reporting standards. These regulations include but are not limited to the jurisdictions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Federal Government.

CoinMover adheres to all requirements under the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, Federal Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, Federal Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, and all other requirements dictated by local, state, and federal regulators.

By using CoinMover services, making a transaction, or otherwise doing business with the company, you accept the full CoinMover Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy, as updated and amended from time to time at the company’s sole discretion.

When smaller changes are made to the policies, they will be updated and made available on the website and in parts on the kiosk customer interface.

When a larger material change is made to any of the policies, in addition to the updates above, you may receive an e-mail from CoinMover describing the change. An example of this was the implementation of the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) made by the European Union (EU) in 2018. 

CoinMover’s aim is to make sure you are always fully aware of the company’s policy standards regarding information retained about you and your transactions.

Simply put:

CoinMover is a money transmitter as defined by the government and operates as such under strict regulation, including monitoring just like a traditional bank. 

CoinMover will communicate major changes to this policy to you via e-mail so you always know where we stand.