What to bring


We're working on other payment options, but for now our ATMs only accept cash. This is mostly due to the nature of digital currency where no chargebacks are allowed.

Scam Alert!  Almost all consumer fraud starts with contact from a stranger. Protect yourself from fraud. Never send money to someone you don’t know.


Picture Identification

We don't require it for certain amounts. However, if you're going to use us often for larger amounts, we're obligated to get some more details about you.

That means our machine will want to take a scan of your drivers license or passport.  You can see our limits page for more details.


Mobile Phone 

You'll need a mobile phone to receive a text verification code from our machine when you start a transaction. You'll also need to install a wallet application.

There are many in the app store on your phone, but we like Edge Wallet because it supports all the different crypto we sell and it's really easy to use:

Edge Wallet for Apple iOS

Edge Wallet for Android Devices