Instant Bitcoin

Use any smartphone wallet app at our kiosks for fast cash-to-bitcoin conversion. Transactions are swift, transferring funds to your wallet in seconds.

Flexible Buying Limits

Start with up to $2,995 in cash purchases. Need more? Buy up to $9,000 with an ID scan. For even higher limits, apply online for up to $50,000 daily.

Secure Transactions

Avoid risky meet-ups with our 100% U.S.-operated service, registered with the U.S. Department of Treasury FinCEN, and located in familiar spots.

Effortless & Inclusive Service

Experience easy buying with minimal documentation requirements for smaller amounts and fast processing without long wait times.
Amplifying Profitability In The Crypto Age
Coinmover ATM

Creating Additional Revenue Streams For Businesses Nationwide

When you choose to host a CoinMover Bitcoin ATM, you unlock a range of key advantages that can significantly impact your store's profitability and customer experience.

At CoinMover, we understand the challenges of staying competitive in today's market, which is why we offer targeted marketing and advertising campaigns to drive foot traffic directly to your store locations.

Host Your Own Bitcoin ATM

Support As Convenient As Our Bitcoin ATMs

Our dedicated support team is available 365 days a year, and we pride ourselves on offering genuine, human assistance—no automated responses, bots, or frustratingly long hold times. We have real individuals ready to address any questions you may have regarding our Bitcoin ATMs or any other service-related concerns.

Rest assured that each interaction with us is meticulously logged and categorized within our customer support system, ensuring that no inquiry goes unresolved.

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Crypto Made Simple, Support Made Personal
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Bitcoin ATM 101
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Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Bitcoin ATM

A routine visit to a store can now include buying/selling Bitcoin and running your usual errands. Learn how to use a Bitcoin ATM here.

Bitcoin ATM 101
bitcoin currency concept

How to Use a Digital Wallet at a Bitcoin ATM

Learn from this step-by-step guide on how to use a digital wallet at an ATM, along with some important tips.

Instant Bitcoin
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The Benefits of Using Bitcoin to Send Money Internationally

Explore the benefits of using Bitcoin for international money transfers and the role of Bitcoin ATM machines in facilitating such transfers.

Cash-To-Bitcoin ATMs In Your Area

With our network of Bitcoin ATM kiosks currently located across more than 10 states and continuously growing, you'd be surprised at how close you are to converting cash into Bitcoin.