We support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH). Trade cryptocurrency without a bank account, debit card or credit card in as little as 90 seconds with just a crypto wallet app on your smartphone.

CoinMover is the simple and safe way to exchange digital currency and a leader in Bitcoin ATM services.



CoinMover operates in full compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws. We are registered with the US Department of Treasury FinCEN as an Money Service Business.

We use some of the most advanced security software on the market to secure your information. Your data is only kept for the minimally required period of time then it is destroyed. We don't share or sell it and we also adhere to all GDPR regulations including all "right to be forgotten" statutes.



Utilizing a straightforward verification process, buying and selling at our machines is fast and easy. Purchases are instant and only require a mobile smartphone up to certain limits.

After you've reached certain purchase and sale limits, simply register with your information to be verified into another tier with increased amounts and reduced fees available to you immediately.



Once you’ve made your purchase, your digital currency is transferred to your own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency supported wallet instantly!

If you don't have a mobile wallet, many of our supported machines will print one out on paper for you.  Likewise we also run our own secured nodes on the back-end so that you receive instant on-chain transactions in seconds with zero-confirmation wait times.

Loyalty Program


With our loyalty program, the more you transact on our machines, the more we reduce our fees and markup on the price of each transaction.

You will earn points and discounts that do not expire and can be used at any time on our website to obtain a coupon code to use at our machines.

As long as your identity is verified, enrollment is automatic once you have reached certain purchase thresholds. You will receive details via your registered e-mail address shortly after qualifying.

Customer Support


Whether you're brand new to digital currency or you have a more technical question, our support staff is standing by to assist you via phone, e-mail, or text during most hours.

Every contact is logged and categorized by advanced customer support ticketing software ensuring nobody "falls through the cracks" and everyone receives a personal reply.

Most noteworthy, we offer on-line chat via the green support button in the bottom right of our website, and also support via SMS text message to our main phone number: (617) 681-4000.  Go ahead, text us!

Host an ATM


Have a business? Earn extra revenue and foot traffic for your location today by hosting a CoinMover ATM. It's easy, and we do all the work!

All of the initial planning, installation, routine maintenance, and support is handled by us. You sit back and collect a monthly check.

Great locations with extended business hours can earn your business thousands of extra dollars per month in net passive income.

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Need a digital wallet app for your smartphone?

Edge is one of the most popular multi-currency digital asset wallets with millions of downloads. You stay in control of your private keys so you control your money instead of someone else. Available for both Android and Apple iOS devices, it supports all of the currencies that our machines support (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash) in a single application.

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Key Reasons To Buy Digital Currency


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted by many investors as legitimate investments. Renowned analysts and experts around the world predict the price of one Bitcoin to jump to one million dollars. The popularity of bitcoin as a mainstream investment and as an alternative to national currencies, for payments, is on the rise.

The owners of the New York Stock Exchange, in partnership with Microsoft and Starbucks, introduced a federally regulated bitcoin exchange market. This venture made investing in bitcoin even more mainstream and globally trusted. Millions of people can potentially continue to add cryptocurrency to their 401(k) portfolios.

Limited Supply & High Demand

Bitcoins are constantly being created by miners. This additional bitcoin supply is decreasing overtime at a calculated and predictable rate. The number of bitcoins created is halved each year until it reaches the maximum number of bitcoins that can ever be created, a total 21 million bitcoins.

This means that since there are far less than 21 million millionaires around the world, in the future not all millionaires can own an entire bitcoin on their own. This scarcity in supply and the increasing demand to use and invest in bitcoin could continue to drive up the price, especially if central banks buy bitcoin as a currency reserve.

New Gold

When a country is at war or prints too much money, the value of bitcoin and gold remain unaffected, while the value of that country’s currency plummets. No federal reserve can devalue bitcoin. Some analysts predict that more people and businesses will buy bitcoin instead of gold. Gold is inconvenient because it requires space. Just like physical fiat money, transferring gold is timely and costly.

Gold requires storage space, guards, and a ton of fees attached to its logistics but you can literally store 100 million dollars worth of bitcoin in one digital wallet, transferring it instantly across the world for hardly any fees. Central banks around the world are realizing this and they are considering to buy bitcoin as a currency reserve, instead of gold.

No Banks Needed

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized and borderless. Payments and transfers are cheap and fast. You do not require a third-party to use bitcoin because it is not owned by private or government banks. Bitcoin can potentially protect customers from market inflation and bank failures.

Right now, in Venezuela, inflation is so bad their paper currency is worthless. As a result, it prompted private companies to increase the number of Bitcoin ATMs. The number of businesses and consumers that use cryptocurrency there is growing as people try to protect their wealth and life savings. This shows how when large institutions fail to protect and back their fiat currencies, people will rely on bitcoin because it is purely backed by mathematics.